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We join the Honduras Country Brand strategy to promote Tourism and National Pride.

Go Tegus is a tour operator that will offer visitors and residents of the capital city the chance to discover all the unexplored wonders that our city and its surroundings can offer; backed by an extensive knowledge of our urban history and natural treasures of our town, we will provide our customers a unique tourist experience that will enrich your visit and make you think with emotion Where do we go next?


Mon-Sun 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m


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Walk through historical destinations in a different way

Know your city!

  • Museo para la identidad Nacional: Located in the former Palace of the Ministries, the MIN is an excellent description of the history and identity of the nation through modern exhibitions.
  • Museo Histórico Militar: Located in Valley Park Tegucigalpa, this museum has a selection of articles and photographs of famous military heroes and mighty men of Honduras.
  • Galería de Arte Nacional: Located half a block from Central Park, next to the National Congress in a restored colonial building offers, as its name suggests, an art collection of the most outstanding Honduran painters.
  • Museo de Telecomunicaciones: Located on the first floor of the Palacio de las Telecomunicaciones in the historic center of the city, has an impressive collection of communications equipment with which Hondutel has worked since its inception.
  • Museo Nacional de Honduras: Located on the grounds of the former Presidential House in Tegucigalpa's historic center, with exhibition of paintings by presidents of Honduras, archaeological pieces of Ciudad Blanca.

  • El Teatro Manuel Bonilla: It is an architectural gem located in the historic center of Tegucigalpa, it has performed more than 10,000 musical performances, plays, operas, in presentations that are made daily in various functions during the day and night.
  • La Iglesia Catedral: Catedral Metropolitana San Miguel Arcángel, represents a contribution not only for Catholics but for the capital passing by the place in the heart of the city and do not know the value of this architectural treasure of the noble and loyal city of Tegucigalpa.


2019 Villa San Miguel will have sightseeing tours available in the historic center allowing you to know the center of the city in a different way.